Great Sex requires a strong thrust. It can be awkward if your thrust is not strong enough. Your partner may be disappointed if you cannot deliver the power and drive to give her immense pleasure during sexual intercourse. There is any easy solution to resolve this problem naturally and healthily. You will become a stronger man and also healthier, but most importantly deliver the ultimate climax for your beloved partner. Do you want to know how easy it is?

Before you try these exercises, please visit your local physiopherapist or physiotherapy clinic and get more advice.

Some easy tips to increase your thrust require you to do some simple exercises to strengthen the main muscle involved in performing the actual thrust. If these muscles are not regularly exercised they will degenerate and become weaker as you grow older. It is important to regularly exercise these muscles through other means other than sex and keep them firm and powerful. Listed below are 3 easy tips to improve your sexual thrust. Firstly you must understand that there are 5 main muscles that propel your thrust during sex and these are:

  1. the buttock muscles
  2. abdominal muscles
  3. back muscles
  4. thigh muscles
  5. hamstrings

I can show you 3 easy exercises to increase your power of your thrust and improve your enjoyment during sexual intercourse, both for you and your partner. These exercises are very easy to do and all you need to 30 or more a day. After 2 weeks you will notice a stronger thrust and improve overall health and wellbeing. You will be able to do it in many ways, where you are standing up, bending over or horizontal; it will be an amazing experience to have the power to deliver the ultimate experience to your partner.

So let’s begin:

1. Standing upright with your feet shoulder width thrust your groin forwards and backwards 30 times. Do this in the morning and afternoon.

2. Go into the position of pushes. Instead of doing push ups, push your hips up and down in the motion of having sexual intercourse. This will strengthen your fore arms and position.

3. During the exercise period, you should take some muscle growth supplements to allow your muscles to grow and develop faster. It is important to keep these muscles fit and strong so remember to exercise these muscles at least every 2 days.

4. Sit against a wall as if you were sitting on a chair, thighs parallel to the ground. Try to hold this position for as long as you can. Start off with 15 seconds then increase it 15 seconds every 7 days. Gradually you can sit like this for minutes.

I hope all these exercises can increase your thrust but remember to practice these exercises regularly to get the results you want.