Even though there are several types of bed toppers available in the market, the one that is in huge demand worldwide is “memory foam mattress.” This bed pad is also known as “visco elastic polyurethane” toppers due to the fact that it is prepared from polyurethane and numerous other kinds of chemicals. The use of chemicals while creating the mattress foams increases the density in them.

If you are feeling restless and not getting enough sleep on your regular bed top, then it is high time to shift to a memory foam mattress that is not just comfortable, but also adjusts according to your body temperature and shape of your back. They are crafted using a special technology for pressure relief. Such technology makes the mattress distribute the total body weight of the person sleeping on it and therefore relieves the pressure exerted on any of the specific body area.

How visco elastic mattress helps in back ache?

This polyurethane made bed tops are said to be the best remedy for severe back ache problems caused by sleeping on regular toppers. The fact is that such mattresses were originally made for the NASA astronauts and therefore a lot of features were added to it to provide enough support and to reduce the excess pressure on the body while taking off and landing.

Its structure is so flexible which molds down in accordance with the body structure and as a result keeps the spine in its normal position. Besides this, it reduces the pressure points and eliminates uncomfortable tossing and turning on the bed and minimizes the back pain as a consequence.

Tips to follow while buying memory foam mattress

You can find good reviews about these mattresses and you should follow few guidelines before purchasing them to your house. These tips and guidelines are:

– Before paying the cash for such bed topper, it is advised to try out several sleeping postures on it for a minimum duration of ten minutes.

– Never buy the one you have tried at the outlet. Rather, you should try few others as well and then pick one that provides you the best comfort.

– A good memory foam mattress comes with minimum 3″ thickness and density of 5 to 6 pounds. Always buy one with decent density, as your body will feel more relaxed on mattress with higher density.

– Choose one that offers at least 20 years of warranty period.