Crisply, alcohol and inflammation are related to each other. Studies have proven that alcohol in any form – whiskey, rum, wine, scotch, etc. increases the inflammation in the body. Let us understand more about it.

Recent alcohol and inflammation studies have proven that consumption of alcohol increases the levels of a substance called LPS, which is the key inducer of inflammation in the body. The ill effect of LPS is countered in healthy individuals by the detoxifying property of Liver and because of multiple organ interactions.

However, the prolonged or uncontrolled consumption of alcohol hampers multi-organ interactions along with liver damage. This leads to increased levels of LPS and hence to chronic or persistent inflammation in the body.

Alcohol and inflammation studies further reveals that moderate consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of ischemic strokes; this type of stroke is caused by a blockage in the artery. However, an average consumption of alcohol increases the risk of hemorrhagic stroke, where in the blood in the brain leaks. Although, the probability of hemorrhagic stroke is very less, it could do more damage than any other form of strokes.

Along with alcohol, the other reasons of inflammation in the body are smoking, drugs, hormonal imbalance, lack of exercise, pollution, eating habits, etc.

The processed and junk food like cheese, burger, red meat, etc. we eat these days contains omega6 fatty acids that are inflammatory in nature i.e. they trigger soreness in the body. This means that you need something to counter act on the inflammation caused by omega6 fats in the body. This is where omega3 fatty acids appear.

It has been proven, once eaten the body can convert DHA omega3 fat to a medically proven anti-inflammatory agent called Resolvin D2. Therefore, to keep to a tab on body’s inflammation cycle, balance between omage3 and omega6 fats is necessary.

Since, the body cannot produce omega3 fats on its own; you have to include food sources that are rich in DHA omega3 fats explicitly in your daily diet regimen. Although fish like Hoki, Tuna, Salmon, etc. are the richest source of DHA, experts do not recommend eating too much fish. This is because of increased water pollution and hence, to avoid the risk of toxin poisoning after eating fish, there are many government warnings too against eating too much fish.

Easy option is consumption of high-quality fish oil supplements that have undergone refining methods to filter out all the contaminations and are good for human consumption.

In nutshell, do not ignore the connection between alcohol and inflammation. Instead, combat it effectively with the help of high DHA fish oil supplements.

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