One of the biggest societal issues today is alcohol abuse. It affects every aspect of our lives, whether we are paying to house a DUI inmate or burying one of our loved ones who died in a drug related incidence. Alcoholism knows no boundaries. You can be 14, 44, or 84 and still be an alcoholic. You can be a world famous celebrity or someone who is only known in your hometown.

If you can walk past a liquor store without going in, why can your friend not do the same thing? Why can’t your father just quit drinking? Alcohol withdrawal is the reason most of them do not quit.

Alcohol Withdrawal – Why People Won’t Endure It

Alcoholics are consumed by their thoughts of drinking. When they are hitting the bottle, nothing else matters to them. An addict does not realize how much his drinking hurts his relationships, both personally and professionally as an alcoholic has problems maintaining healthy relationships and functioning at work. His true friends and family members are painfully aware of this.

Neglected children suffer the worst as they are often forced to grow up before their time. Many times, it is the child who ends up playing Mommy or Daddy to the baby who has vomited from too much alcohol or drug use. This is very confusing for a child, especially when he grows up believing this is how life should be.

Even these sights do not often influence addicts enough to want to deal with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal can be very difficult, and sometimes requires medical attention if the alcoholic’s condition is quite severe. During withdrawal, addicts often experience violent mood swings, nausea, vomiting, unexplained stomach pains, and major depression.

Alcohol is a depressant which means that it produces an anesthetizing effect on the mind and body so that a person feels less. Once the alcohol is no longer there, the person feels all the pain they have been trying to hide, both physically and mentally. This pain can sometimes be fatal. For this reason, all alcoholics who are serious about getting sober should enter an alcohol withdrawal program.