Potential benefits of an adjustable bed

An adjustable bed provides comfort sleeping slightly inclined compared to lying on a regular flat mattress. How certain back conditions can be lightened up and give more comfort provided to people are seen in the following situations:

o Degenerative spondylolisthesis. Adjustable beds reduces the pain discomfort in the lower back allowing a comfortable sleep the rest of the night.

o Osteoarthritis. This back problem is accompanied by stiffness and sore during the morning. Adjustable beds give better support by lessening compression in the joints.

o Spinal stenosis. People with this back problem find comfort bending forward rather than standing upright. Flat mattresses provide lesser comfort compared to sleeping inclined which is offered by adjustable beds.

Choosing a comfortable bed and mattress

The type of bed and mattress is a critical decision for people with back problems. While little is known about the type of mattress is good for the back and little medical information about adjustable beds, there are still a lot of questions as to whether or not an adjustable bed is a better alternative for flat mattresses for people suffering from back problems.

How an adjustable bed works

As the name implies, adjustable beds (also called a Semi-Fowler bed), can be attuned to various positions. Sleeping slightly inclined gives comfort to people with back problems with the upper body slightly elevated than the lower body and support to the knees at a slight angle. This position eases some stress off the lower back. It provides support to the spinal curves and lightens the pressure on the entire body.

After undergoing surgery in the lower back, patients felt more comfort using adjustable beds compared to flat mattresses.
While a patient may not be sure of the benefits from an adjustable bed or is unsure of purchasing a new bed, a possible option is by propping up the upper body by using pillows beneath the knees.

Patient’s preference should determine the choice of bed and mattress

Sleeping comfort is still the determining factor in the choice of bed or mattress. No particular type of mattress or bed is guaranteed to work for all patients, and no medical studies proves that adjustable beds are preferable. Whatever bed or mattress gives sleep comfort without extra pain is deemed as the best option.

Sleeping or lying down is the only time in which complete relaxation is experienced by the muscles, ligaments and the spine. A person suffering from a back injury needs to have a good sleep in order to help in the healing process.