We have all heard reports that the human food supply was somehow tainted. Is this true or was it really just in the pet food? There have been reports that feed fed to pigs was tainted with poison and food fed to fish was also tainted. And thus the poison has supposedly entered the human food supply food chain in the United States. But is all this a Conspiracy Theory and a secret ploy? Is the Human Food Supply really tainted?

It has been speculated that this is all a ploy to get people to stop eating so much. This was told by one conspiracy nut case to be orchestrated by the Health Care Insurance Industry in order to help America lose weight and cut down on the number of folks with diabetes. It was thought that in doing so it would scare people enough so they might stop feeding their faces with so much food that they clearly do not need because America is too fat!

Just in case you think this is not real the homeless Vietnam Vet under the big over pass says he knows the truth, but is happy because if people eat less then they will share more food with him. He also points to the possibility that all the alcohol is also tainted and if you want to save yourself then you need to give him the alcohol to test to see if it is indeed safe.

He explained his new service. If you buy a six pack, buy two and give him one. If he is still alive the next day it is okay to drink your six pack and he only charges $5.00 for this service. So, you better think about this to save yourself from tainted food poisoning.

There are also some teen agers who offer the same service and are ready to serve to protect you and your family, but they charge $20.00 of course you can also pay them in advance and they will text message you the same day to let you know the alcohol was okay!