Any eBook focusing on the terrible challenges of substance abuse, addiction, or substance dependency should be written with the reader in mind. It should include many examples of different substances that the addicted suffer from. Such an eBook needs to appeal to not only an afflicted person suffering from dependency, but also their friends, family, doctors, and counselors too. Okay so, I have provided below some ideas on what topics should be covered and boldly listed in the table of contents.

Creating a Table of Contents first without the page numbers is an ideal strategy for the writer as to keep them on track, covering all the important subjects and sub-topics. Later on, after the eBook is completed, edited, formatted, and after pictures are added, the last thing would be to add in the page numbers of each chapter and subchapter of the eBook.

Here are some of the topics I’d recommend in the eBook and Table of Contents on Addiction:


About the Author


  • Alcohol Withdrawal
  • Safe Alcohol Detox
  • Alcohol Use Disorder
  • Do-It-Yourself Alcohol Detox


  • History of Vaping
  • Is Vaping Bad for Your Health?
  • Industry Regulations and Collapse
  • E-Cigarettes and the Future


  • High THC Dangers
  • High THC and Mental Health
  • Industry Growth
  • Future Health Crisis
  • Gateway Drug

Opioids and Fentanyl

  • History
  • Opioid Addiction
  • Death Toll from Opioids Skyrockets
  • Opioid Detox Challenges
  • Safe Opioid Detox
  • Opioid Effects
  • Fentanyl – What to Know
  • Gate to Illegal Drugs from the Street


  • Detoxing from Benzos Drugs
  • Safe Use of Benzos Drugs


  • Talking to the Addicted
  • Enabling the Addicted
  • Life After Addiction
  • AA and NA Group Meetings

Dependency Treatment

  • Value of Residential Programs
  • Residential Treatment Advantage
  • Cold Turkey Detox
  • Holistic Dependency Treatment
  • Types of Holistic Programs
  • Why Holistic Treatment Works
  • Experimental Holistic Treatment

Dual Diagnosis

  • Explanation
  • Why It’s Important
  • Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health
  • How Common is Dual Diagnosis

Genetic Testing

  • Genetic Testing and Dual Diagnosis
  • Why it is Revolutionizing Treatment
  • Genetic Ancestral History and Addiction
  • HIPPA and Privacy in Genetic Testing


  • How Common is Relapse
  • Covid-19 and Addiction Relapse

As you can see, a comprehensive nonfiction eBook on addiction and substance dependency needs to answer common questions that those who are using and abusing drugs want to know. It should have plenty of information for friends and families trying to help them. The table of contents needs to be clear and concise, easy to read and understand, and able to help the reader navigate the complexity of the material in comprehensible format. Please consider all this.