Hammocks have been used for centuries for sleep, relaxation and enjoying the outdoors. They are used in gardens, pools, forests, campgrounds and just about any other place that one would want to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery outdoors. Today we are finding that hammocks offer a tremendous amount of therapeutic benefits of a person’s body. Many doctors are finding that hammocks are instrumental in relieving back pain as well as providing relief to aching legs. The thought is that the connection between the body and the force of gravity may have much to do with common everyday aches and pains.

Today’s world is very stressful and often times can be mentally exhausting. This stress can affect the general well-being of a person’s body and also leads to diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and many other stress related illnesses. De-stressing is imperative to keeping our minds and our bodies healthy. Relaxing in a hammock is one way to de-stress because you are simply lying there weightlessly enjoying the nighttime sky, sunset, sunrise or simply the beautiful white puffy clouds in a blue sky.

Hammocks can provide total and complete relaxation beyond measure. Nerves that have been on edge and muscles that are just simply tired will find immediate relief while lying in a hammock. It is said that deeper and better sleep can be had in a hammock over a traditional bed. Deeper sleep is what is said to allow the body to become more refreshed and more energized.

Those with back problems will likely see the greatest health benefits from sleeping in a hammock. This is because the hammock will take all of the pressure off of the back muscles immediately. The hammock adjusts itself to your body eliminating pressure point. This will result in increased blood flow which offers a tremendous amount of therapeutic qualities. Most doctors agree that the removal of pressure points allows the spine to realign and therefore heal. The feeling of witnesses and been suspended in the air has tremendous benefits in lowering blood pressure as well.
Research has indicated that premature babies who sleep in hammocks that are placed inside an incubator are able to breathe easier than if they were lying flat. The researchers found that their lungs develop better and they are able to gain weight sooner.

Those who have a difficult time with concentration and focusing have found that the swinging motion of a hammock stimulates the brain that allows them to find the focus that they need. Mentally challenged children who use hammocks have found that their mental performance improved significantly. In addition many rehab centers feel that swing therapy will help these mentally challenged children reduce muscle spasms as well.

Some manufacturers of hammocks claim that just a half an hour of swinging provides more healing benefits and relief than two hours of massage per person suffering from muscular dystrophy.

It is a well-known fact that lack of complete relaxation is the root cause of diseases that can affect a person’s lifestyle and long-term health. Hammocks create the sense of relaxation that the body needs in order to combat the day-to-day stresses of life.