A lot of guys who get autofellatio “fever” wonder where they can dig up information that can help them accomplish their goals of autofellating. It’s a little hard to go to the library and check out a book on the subject, obviously; but there is information on the subject that can be uncovered at no cost.

Of course, the Internet springs to everybody’s mind. I’ve found some forums on Men’s Health and Penis Enlargement that briefly discuss some information. There are also blogs where people talk about the autofellating act. Article sites are also a great resource of information.

Digging a little further can uncover information on autocunnilingus, too. This is the female counterpart of autofellation, where a woman is able to sexually please her self with her own mouth. This information is a little rarer, but some of the topics where women discuss such ideas are pretty fascinating. “Fascinating” in the sense of how they view the subject. And, too, a lot of the procedures in autocunnilingual acts can be applied to autofellatory acts.

Another good venue for information is through Yoga books and sites. These sites can help men learn some stretches and positioning of the body (Yoga postures) to encourage flexibility in their backs. There are also numerous videos of people performing Yogic maneuvers which may be of assistance.

One can also find information on the subject through certain web-sites. Most of these are of the self-help sex variety and a lot of the information is posed as questions that other people try and answer. A lot of these answers are vague and based on common sense, but with so little information available, anything you can get your hands on his worth reading.

Videos, too, exist of men performing such auto-sexual acts. Many of them are “adult” oriented, but they can certainly help show men a few positions that may be useful.

The bottom line is, if a man is truly interested in becoming an autofellationist, he can find valuable information on the Internet to help him achieve his autofellatory goals.

Good luck in your quest. There is a great book on the subject which helps men with Autofellatio. It is called Yogafellatio.

Stanislaw Sleczk