Approximately 19{0f0fc6bf5bd959fc253a0668ee6b669dcca87a64289522d38fccac0cb86058d7} of the population of the state of California has no health insurance. This is a serious problem and for someone facing a health crisis, it can mean possible bankruptcy. There are ways to find cheap health insurance in California and a wonderful resource is the Internet.

Almost every health insurance company in California has a website that provides access to no-obligation quotes. In addition, many of these sites offer visitors reading material that is related to health insurance. Reading this before deciding on a policy can be incredibly beneficial in terms of helping the consumer understand the health insurance options that are available to them.

If you are someone who is in fairly good health and you don’t often visit the doctor, a major medical plan may be the best way for you to get cheap health insurance. This is particularly true if you opt to pay for your doctor visits yourself and you take a higher than normal deductible. Most insurance companies will have available a form on their website for potential clients to utilize when requesting a quote. Asking for a quote on major medical will typically yield a low premium rate.

Prescription drug coverage can also be costly so opting not to include this when gathering quotes online can yield lower costs too. This is only an advisable approach for someone in very good health who only takes prescriptions occasionally if they are suffering from an illness. For someone who is on regular medications for an ongoing condition such as a cardiac problem or arthritis, prescription drug coverage should always be purchased.

Another way to cut costs is to purchase a plan that has a limited lifetime benefit. This means that the claimant is restricted to a limit on how much coverage they have over the course of their life. If you have no family history of serious medical problems, a policy like this may be sufficient for your needs.