Today people say they are screwed in terms of environment: depletion of natural resources, water supply. Many changes have happened in earth’s climate over the last decade. If we take any place on the planet and compare the weather of that region today with the weather even 5 years ago, it has obviously changed. And people think that everything that is happening with the weather at the moment is the result of the damage brought by industrial world. Of course it’s true that we are responsible for air and water pollution, deforestation, desertification. But do you think that the global change that is taking place is caused by people only? Even the shift of poles could be caused by us?

Honestly, I don’t believe it could happen this way because of us. And I know many would disagree, especially physicists, who always look no further than conventional science. They can explain the process of global warming perfectly in details, but the fact that they have something they can’t explain makes everyone wonder why is it so. Before people had no choice but to believe the truth the science proposed, but now a lot of people start to deny the theory of global warming.

Some scientists say that global warming is a natural cycle caused by humans. However, if we think about it, natural cycle is the cycle that happens on earth independently on human factors. If we go back in time we could see that there were a lot of climate changes.

Exploring the tree rings, we can find a clear evidence of a huge water cycle, so-called the ice age, that occurred on the planet about 13 thousands years ago (to clarify) and ended about 10 thousands years ago. There was also another mini ice age that occurred a few hundreds years ago. Is it possible that humans could make these changes themselves with their existed technology? As far as we know, their production did not pollute the environment the way humanity does in present times. And this is true and everyone knows it. Moreover, history says that people were effected by the weather and they had to change their lifestyle. When the warm period eventually came, they began fishing, as it became available when ice melted. People has always been a secondary part that had to adjust to the weather. We could never make such a huge shift, we could not create a water cycle like this.

Nowadays the same cycle is happening. Before the cooling period the planet has to go through the warm period and that’s how the cycle process in my opinion is going to work:

We know that the ice at the poles is melting. This causes a great shift in the weight of ice which is distributed across both land and water, but concentrated at the poles. As it melts and turns into water it’s then distributed all over the planet. So think: the weight of the melted water redistributes itself all over the globe’s crust. So there is an incredible weight shift to a thin crust. As a result the crust is adjusting to these new conditions by creating earthquakes and volcanoes.

Today, people make a lot of damage and it’s really sad, yes. I understand that we have to stop it eventually as it’s bad for our health. But a common belief that we are responsible for the whole global change only makes us feel a burden on our shoulders. There is a change, and there must be a reason for it that we don’t know yet; though, science will unravel that secret for us too, I hope.