You may be expecting to read a few health tips in this article to alter your diet that may enhance your quality of sleep. Relax, none of that is going to happen in the next twelve minutes of your life. By the time you are done going through this piece of writing, you may want to implement just one change in your daily routine to have a better life.

Sleep is something that comes naturally to us, but we like to deprive ourselves of it for countless reasons. Can you recall when you were a teenager, you would never mind sacrificing a siesta if you felt something was more important than just sleeping? All the same, it was never just Sleep. Many of us would never realize the importance of taking a nap at least until the age of 25. As soon as we come close to our thirties, we begin appreciating the need to be dead to the world for minimum six to eight hours daily. And we do not want to compromise on that, no matter how much fun a party is.

Is it imperative to sleep?

Can you answer this question in No? Of course, you cannot. Insomnia- the word was coined not without any reason. People do understand what havoc their body may undergo if they are not able to slumber for any reason even for a night. For an extreme example of an insomniac person, you can watch the movie, The Machinist. The simple, yet profound movie will give you a picture perfect idea of what all can happen to your mind and body if you do not sleep for a long time.

Not sleeping at all is, of course, a severe situation. Still, many of us do not even notice that we are not able to sleep properly throughout our lives. You may have noticed that one person in your office who feels dizzy all the time. Or that one guy in your class who yawns every time you see him. That obese girl in your school, who you make fun of, may be overweight just because she does not sleep well. Among dozens of side-effects of tossing and turning through the night, the most important one is that you forget your sense of being and start feeling downbeat about life.

It is strange, but common that we accept the substandard quality of sleep just for the sake of it. Even when we know that we need to have a deep sleep every night, we come to terms with all the disturbances in our body just because we feel there is no solution to it. Don’t worry. The solution is right there with you, and you do not need to visit a dietician or physician for it.

What is the way out of sleeplessness?

Have you heard of a thing called Smartphone? Yes, it is right there; maybe in your hand right now. The laptops, Smartphones, Kindle, Tablets, and TV- all these electronic gadgets have made your life easier without a doubt. You may feel much more informed than ever just because you can afford the luxury of a Smartphone and the Internet. Maybe you do realize that you should spend a little less time on your mobile phone than you do at present. Still, it may be hard for you to ditch it.

No one is asking you to get rid of your mobile phone forever. You do need it in your life for better reasons than anyone can judge. However, a Smartphone is something that has improved as well as worsened our life at the same time. We cannot think of our life without this small gadget in our hand at all times. Still, you need to identify with the fact that it does interfere with your sleep.

What is the reason to keep your mobile away?

While sleeping, all of us have a habit of checking the messages that may have arrived on WhatsApp. We feel the obligation to reply to those messages. After all, it is our duty to respond to our loved ones, right? Yes, indeed. Then, after we are done with WhatsApp, we open Facebook; then is the turn of Instagram, and maybe Snapchat at last. So this is the never-ending cycle that repeats roughly every night. Perhaps, you might not indulge in this habit when you are exhausted. Still, you do keep your mobile by your side when you doze off, right? Keeping your phone away while you sleep is the only thing this entire ordeal is about.

In addition to making mistakes in our diet and routine, we just make one simple blooper of placing our cell phone at the bedside or even under the pillow while sleeping. Life already is tough these days. The last thing we would want to think about in our sleep is the worries that we face during the day. When you are about to sleep, you visit the entire world in just an hour or two over the social media. However, you must have noticed that when you are sleeping with your mobile at your arm’s length, your hand automatically starts searching for it as soon as your sleep is interrupted.

You may feel thirsty at night, for instance, but instead of reaching for water at first, you would like to look for a message from your beloved that may flash on your screen. But how would you feel if that one message is something you didn’t want to see? It may become a cause of anxiety for you for the rest of the night. You may not be able to do something about such things at 3 am, but you will lose your sleep over it. Similarly, you may want to go to the washroom late at night. You reach for your phone to see the time, but you do not realize that the light of the screen is harmful to your eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, you should not look at your phone during your sleep at all.

How to sleep without your mobile?

You may think what kind of ridiculous idea is that? How would you wake up in the morning without your alarm clock in the phone? The answer is Alarm Clock! That cute little piece of a clock on your table that you dumped away years ago is the only thing that you need on your table rather than your mobile phone for the entire night. Those little notification alerts keep you disturbed all night. Even if you keep your phone on the Silent mode, the curiosity to check your phone at every possible minute will not go away.

It may seem difficult to sleep without your phone at first, but it is an achievable feat. You would feel uncomfortable for a couple of days and miss your phone. In spite of this, after a week or so, you would definitely feel the difference in your quality of sleep. You will start having a deep sleep and wake up fresher than earlier.

The idea is to keep your phone in your cupboard or such a place where you cannot reach it with ease. When you are in a deep sleep, making efforts to reach for your phone is the last thing you would want to do. When it becomes difficult for you to pick up the cell phone, you would just come to your bed and enjoy your sleep. Yes, taking forty winks becomes much more enjoyable when you do not have any interruptions around you. Do not rely on any mobile applications that claim to evaluate your quality of sleep. For such applications to work, you have to keep your phone very close to you, which is not a good idea at all. Just notice the way your body feels when you wake up in the morning. Your own body is the biggest evaluator of everything that affects it, positively or negatively.

Isn’t it worth your health to give it a try? Try keeping your mobile phone away from you tonight and notice how you feel the next morning. If you feel good, you can add value to your living just with one simple idea. Little things like these do make life more pleasant. Take a crack at them.