Massage has been around for generations. Throughout history, countries such as China and India have practiced massage as a form of medication to treat sore and aching muscles, strains, joint pain and stress. This article will focus on some of the possible benefits and options available in today’s hand held massagers.

Some of the Benefits of Regular Massage

While we mainly view massage as a means to relax today, massage also help contribute to healthy living by increasing both the circulation and number of red blood cells in the body.

After a hectic and stressful day, there are few things as relaxing and rejuvenating as a good massage. Stiffness and sore muscles in the neck and back can be caused by long hours in the office sitting in front of the computer. Massage is the perfect way to help you relieve that particular stress, pain and tension.

If you suffer from trouble sleeping, massage is a great way to relax you. When you get a sufficient amount of sleep, you will have more energy during the day. Aside from insufficient sleep causing irritability, it can also cause an increase in stress and pains in the muscles of your body. I know that I’ve had nights where I didn’t sleep enough when I woke up feeling sore as if I had been strenuously exercising all night!

Options Available in Today’s Hand Held Massagers

There are plenty of hand held massagers on the market today that are a great help in relieving stress, tension, muscle pain and is even thought to help people with high blood pressure. Not to mention that the general sensation of well-being and being relaxed is reason enough to treat yourself to a massage with a personal massager.

Most of the hand held massagers on today’s market are relatively user-friendly. Many of them offer adjustable settings and programs to give you just the right amount of pressure and stimulation to the affected area.