When it comes to alcohol withdrawal treatment, there are a number of options available. These treatments are generally designed to help lessen the effects of withdrawal symptoms as well as to control the increasing urge to consume alcohol. Numerous side effects are directly associated to abrupt alcohol cessation. This is mainly because the body has already become accustomed to the presence of alcohol. That is why it would be difficult for an alcoholic to overcome the addiction immediately. In some cases, abrupt cessation of alcohol consumption may lead to the development of Delirium Tremens. This condition is commonly experienced by ex-alcohol drinkers. Delirium Tremens is characterized by the following symptoms:

· tremors

· seizures

· syncope

· nausea

· vomiting

· nightmares

· hallucinations

· vomiting

These symptoms can last for days or even weeks depending on the severity of the condition. If not treated immediately, it can pose great risk for liver damage. If you think that you’ll only experience these symptoms when you put a sudden stop to alcohol consumption, then you better think again. Even gradual cessation of alcohol has its own risks. The most common withdrawal symptoms manifested by an alcoholic include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • migraine and headache
  • increased heart rate
  • low grade fever
  • gastric distress

That being said, it is vital to seek proper medical intervention from alcohol detox centers. These facilities have knowledgeable, trained, and experienced healthcare professionals that are authorized to administer certain types of medications to help manage alcohol withdrawal. In addition to that, the patient’s condition will also be closely monitored while the administration of medication is appropriately regulated. Benzodiazepine, carbamazepine (anti-seizure drug), and betablockers are the typical kinds of drugs used for alcohol withdrawal treatment.

After the alcohol detoxification, patients will be required to attend a more comprehensive alcohol rehabilitation program to ensure a complete and full alcohol recovery!