There are a number of factors that cause sleep to be disrupted. There are also many different types of sleeping disorders, and the causes and the symptoms can vary. Sleep disorders usually occur because of stress and anxiety, sadness, grief, alcohol and caffeine use, and other environmental factors.

Other types of sleeping disorders have to do with your health. If you are suffering from depression, chronic diseases, pain and alcoholism, you are at risk for insomnia. Many when have certain types of sleep disorders because of problems related to menstruation and pregnancy.

There are four types of sleeping disorders. The first is dyssomnia. It occurs when the body’s natural resting is interrupted. This can be caused by external factors such as noise and light.

Parasomnia is caused when you have trouble with arousal or sleeping stage changeover. In these instances, bed wetting, grinding of teeth, night terrors, and sleep talking or walking can disturb your sleep. Medical or psychiatric problems are also among the different types of sleeping disorders. They disturb sleep often come from alcoholism, ulcers, asthma and anxiety.

The final entry in our list of the types of sleeping disorders is proposed disorders, which are rest-related disturbances. Some people need to sleep more than others. But if these sleep periods are unusual, then it is a sleeping disorder. This goes for people who do not get enough sleep, and those who get too much sleep.

If you are not getting enough sleep, you need to look for some natural cures. You do not want to rely on sleep medication in order to get more rest. Sleeping pills are highly addictive, and they really are just muscle relaxants. They do not give you the rest you need.