When it comes to a pain free night’s rest I love my pillow. Sobakawa pillows provide one of the best ways to get a restful night’s sleep if you have back and neck pain. Made from an all natural buckwheat filling this pillow gives you much better support than your polyester or other synthetically filled pillows. Years of wear from a top quality pillow is possible from “Natures Pillow”.

Sometimes improper alignment can cause neck and back pain. Think about the damage you are causing your body with years of sleeping on an inferior pillow. Sobakawa fits snugly around your neck and cradles your head, allowing maximum support. The buckwheat filling allows you to place your head anywhere on the pillow and it will fit to your own unique shape.

Sleeping on your side is not a issue with this pillow. Sobakawa pillows allow you to achieve maximum support by simply placing your head on the pillow and turning it to the side. In fact, the pillow will shape to your head and neck regardless of the position that you sleep in, and provide you with all the support you need for improving neck and back pain.

My favorite feature of this pillow is that there is no “cold side” The entire pillow is able to remain cool because the natural buckwheat filling allows the heat generated to be transferred out of the pillow and therefore keep it cool all night, even in the peak of summer.

Now there are many good “therapeutic” pillows on the market, but these will set you back quite a considerable amount of money. Memory foam pillows are renowned for comfort but these are also very costly. Bear in mind too that these expensive pillows will not last as long as the Sobakawa pillow, which in some cases has been known to last for several years. Even if you wish to replace it every year, this is easily done as it is so cost effective.

Should you be wanting to improve your neck and back pain, get a restful night’s sleep and save at the same time, then the Sobakawa pillow is certainly worth considering. Being easy to care for and long lasting means that this pillow will suit your needs and be your sleeping partner for many years to come.