There is no doubt, that when you try to quit something that you are so addicted, it is one of the most difficult periods not only for you but also for the family members. The most difficult patch is when you have been one of the regular drinkers and one fine day you decide to quit. The first couple of weeks can be really taxing and you will see a lot of withdrawal symptoms. You should take care that you don’t end up doing this by your own, inform the doctor and be a part of some Alcoholics quitting group, together people can make a difference. The first five days are very crucial and if you manage not to sip of alcohol on those days then rest is a cakewalk. The withdrawal symptoms could be anything ranging from moderate to severe ones.

One has to remember that, your body has been used to alcohol on an every day basis and making the body get rid of it is a difficult task. The mental decision is tougher than the physical discomfort. The general symptoms are people tend to be very edgy and nervous, can get severe headaches, sweat a lot, sleeplessness and in some case itching too. If the symptoms are more severe than this like vomiting, feeling delirious, seizure then you need to get attended by a doctor. One of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms itching is caused by sudden stoppage of alcohol. The body does not agree to it and with other plethora of withdrawal symptoms, itching also causes a major issue. The itching generally appears around the corners of the lips and mouth.

The problems with these symptoms are they are very difficult to handle. The first of the symptoms start appearing just after 6-7 hours of not having a drink and then the major symptoms start to attack. Within 24-48 hours you are completely under attack in form of various things. In case if the attack turns really severe then it is time for you to go and check yourself at the hospital. Generally the symptoms last only for a week or so, but this changes from individual to individual. This is the juncture when alcoholics, require lot of support not only from themselves but also from their family members and friends. Alone it is almost like fighting a losing battle. It is a tough period, but once you get out of it, it is bliss outside.